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A Corbin’s Grille Unsung Hero: Applewood Baby Back Ribs

I am going to launch a new series of blog posts titled “Unsung Heroes” which will focus on some tremendously delectable food that would absolutely be a superstar if it weren’t surrounded by so many more “popular” dishes at Corbin’s Grille.  Without further ado, the first nominee is…

Corbin’s Grille Unsung Hero

Applewood Baby Back Ribs

History and Trivia

Corbin's Applewood Baby BacksThe term “baby” has nothing to do with the age of the ribs and everything to do with where the ribs come from.  Baby backs come from market-sized hogs, and more specifically they come from the very top of the back where the bones are smaller (thus the term “baby”) and there is more meat in between the ribs.  Spare ribs also come from pigs, but they come from the bottom part where the bones are much thicker and meat has a much higher fat content.

What’s So Great About Corbin’s Baby Backs?

We Buy the Best!

We start off with the absolute best ribs we can find, over the years since we have been opened I have tried ribs from around ten different companies, always comparing them in a blind taste test with our current ribs, just to make sure the quality we use is at the absolute top.  In fact, I have a tasting scheduled with a local company I just heard about later this week.  I will let you know how that goes.

Preparation, Preparation, Preparation

When we’re talking BBQ we’re talking three main things that determine the flavor – the rub, the heat and of course the sauce.  For our rub we use a generous 1/4 cup of our secret seasoning for each slab and literally rub it into the meat.  This helps tenderize the meat just a bit and it also infuses the flavor deep within the surface.  Then comes the heat, which is a three step process.

First the ribs are smoked with applewood and hickory wood for a full hour in our Cookshack Smart Smoker, this is by far the best smelling time to be in the restaurant, infusing the baby backs with the smokey flavor is as real as Mother Nature intended!

Second we slow roast the ribs for 4 hours and 30 minutes at 250 degrees, this slow cooking further enhances the tenderness bringing the ribs to as close as “fall off the bone tender” as possible.

Third when you place the order for your ribs they are started on the last leg of their cooking process and fired on our 6-foot grill fueled with White Almond Wood (from California) which gives the ribs just a kiss of sweet smokey flavor.

Then comes the star of the show – Corbin’s Grille original West Texas BBQ sauce.  Our home-made recipe uses 11 different incredients which are lovingly combined with one life-mission in mind, and that is to lather your order of ribs while it rests on the sizzling grill to finish off the long journey to Baby Back perfection.

Available during lunch or dinner, Half Rack is $18 and comes with choice of soup or salad and choice of side.

8 Responses to A Corbin’s Grille Unsung Hero: Applewood Baby Back Ribs

  1. Karen Sunday

    Jake, my sister and I would like to put our names on the list for your next food tasting event. Do you have an email address I can go to for that?

  2. I wish I could have a successful blog like you. How did you get to the point where you got so much traffic and participation on your site. What was the most important thing you did or are doing right now if you don’t mind me asking?

    • Hi Ruth,
      We have a built in audience from our restaurant, we make sure to put our website address on all our advertisements and participate as much as we can on the blog and facebook and things like that!

      Hope that helps

  3. Im searching for sites related to this. Glad I found you. Thanks

  4. you just got yourself a place in my bookmarks

  5. Found your blog on Bing and was so glad i did. That was a excellent read. I have a tiny question.Is it alright if i send you an email???…

  6. Steak, Seafood, Burgers, Chicken and Ribs all fired over white almond wood for that sweet smokey flavor you’ll fall in love with!

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