Babe Ruth memorabilia and vintage baseball cards that’ll make any collector drool. And we’re not just talking about your regular trading cards here; we’ve got postcards, posters, and even handwritten checks from the legends of the game.

Babe Ruth’s Swag Brings in Big Bucks

In their Winter Rarities Auction, they hit the jackpot with a rookie-era Babe Ruth postcard. This gem featured a young Bambino chilling at the Red Sox Spring Training camp in Hot Springs, Ark. And get this, only two of these beauties are known to exist, and one of them fetched a jaw-dropping $160,736. –koin303

Vintage Card Craze

In Memory Lane’s Premier Winter Auction, vintage sports cards stole the spotlight. The big winner? A 1909 T204 Ramly Walter Johnson card that went for a whopping $376,736. That’s a new record, folks! This card, one of only two graded PSA 8, smashed the old record set in August 2021.

More Ruth Goodies

They had a bunch of other rare Babe Ruth treasures up for grabs, like a 1920 card promoting Ruth’s movie “Headin’ Home.” This bad boy, graded PSA 2 and one of the first to show Ruth as a Yankee, sold for a cool $84,998. Plus, there was an ultra-rare 1924 Detroit Tigers pocket schedule with Ruth and Ty Cobb on it that snagged $31,986.

Other Cool Finds

There were other cool pieces of memorabilia up for grabs too, like a dual-signed Ruth check that brought in $11,297, a photo postcard of Ruth with a PSA/DNA 8 signature for $13,348, and a 1939 Ruth-signed government postcard for $8,488.

And check this out—a 1950s Mickey Mantle and Stan Musial Wonder Bread advertising sign sold for nearly $13,000. Talk about a blast from the past!

Vintage Tobacco Cards Galore

Let’s not forget about those vintage baseball tobacco cards. Other cards from the set fetched big bucks too, like a Christy Mathewson card (PSA 6) for $86,947 and a Mordecai Brown card (PSA 6) for $50,431. Who knows what treasures will pop up next time around!

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